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Product Care


With proper care, your jewelry will retain its beauty and character and lasts a lifetimeFollow these tips to keep your jewelry in its best condition.

1. Do not allow pieces to come into contact with each other or with other items that may leave scratches (keys, coins, etc.).
2. Remove jewelry when washing your hands, taking shower, swimming, exercising, cleaning and before applying any kind of body care product.
3. Avoid contact with agents such as soaps, perfume, lotion, makeup, hair spay, cleaning products and other chemicals.
4. Do not forget your jewelry in the bathroom. Humidity could cause tarnishing and oxidation.
5. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or other light sources.
6. Clean your jewelry only with warm water, a small amount of pH-neutral soap and a 100%-cotton cloth.
7. Store your jewelry in its original packaging or pouch and try to keep your pieces apart when storing them.


Our silver jewelry is made with 0.925 sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other base metals. Even with care, silver could oxidize due to contact with air and tends to go black or yellow. In these cases, use silver polishing cloth to clean the jewelry.


Most of our jewelry has plating treatment to increase quality and to create a variety of looks. Plating is a process in which a thin layer of one metal is applied over the surface of another metal. We mainly have gold plating and rhodium plating.

rhodium plated jewelry is plated with a 0.6 µm layer of rhodium. Rhodium is added to enhance the appearance of silver and to protect it from oxidation.

Our vermeil is coated with a 3-µm layer of 18K gold (compare to industry standard ranging between 0.5-1 micron).

The plated layers can fade over time due to constant contact with other objects, water, skincare products, soap, perfume, make up, etc. The speed at which the plating fades depends on how the jewelry is treated and cared for. So it is particularly important to take special care of your plated jewelry.

However, if your jewelry has lost its color, the plating process can always be repeated. In this case you can contact us at and we will give you more information about our plating service. Please bear in mind that providing this service comes with a cost and it will take some time.


The finish refers to the polishing technique used for surface of the jewelry to create different look and styles.

Matte surfaces will become shinier over time with wear and by contact with other objects. Do not use polishing cloth with matte finishes since it will make it glossy.  For cleaning only use warm water and a small amount of pH-neutral soap and rub the surface using your fingers.Then rinse quickly and pat dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

If they are plated pieces clean your jewelry with warm water, a small amount of pH-neutral soap and a 100%-cotton cloth.For non-plated pieces you can use polishing cloth to clean and bring back the shine.


We currently don’t offer repair services.